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Company Profile

We are KoKokid , And this is where the fun and smile begins.
KoKoKid Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is a outdoor playground equipment manufacturers, specializing in designing and producing outdoor swing, outdoor slide, seesaw,outdoor playground equipment, fitness equipment, indoor playground, nursery furniture,leisure chairs , plastic toys. And so on.
We are a global provider of playground equipment and park equipment for churches, daycares, schools, parks, town centers, restaurants, and any other site that can be enhanced by play equipment and park site amenities.
We take our responsibility as a playground equipment manufacturer very seriously, realizing the importance of safety above all else. That's why we make sure that we adhere to all safety guidelines and All products according to the Eur Standard, in terms of materials selection,we all imported food grade colores plastic plastic LLDPE, non-toxic and non-pollution,well anti-UV.
Kokokid delivers clients not onl ythe playground equipment , but a design description of the playground equipment, a very nice service, and anticipate them as well. 
Leading the tide of the playground equipment, Grow up with children in a healthy and happy. Kokokid  employees have been working with mutual efforts.

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